LDA Drywall® Services

Commercial and residential home improvement contractor specializing in indoor painting, remodeling, and drywall installment and repair in Meriden, CT., and surrounding areas.

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We believe our clients expect to get what they paid for, which is why we work hard to exceed their expectations. Our goal is to make you fall in love with your living space all over again.

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LDA Drywall® Services

Home Remodeling Service

Home Remodeling Service

Drywall Installment

Arguably one of the most frustrating parts of rennovations or remodels, we provide a clean and stress-free drywall instillation service tailored to your peace of mind.

Wall Painting

Every project needs a finishing touch and our experts provide quick and efficient painting to make your dwelling look that much better. With years of experience in cutting in and covering, we provide the best work at an affordable rate.


The process of re-building or rennovationg, whether it is commercial or residential, can be overwhelming. You may be confused on where to start or how to get there, but we take those variables out of the equation!


Drywall sheets are manufactured to a universal size. All framing on which the drywall will be installed must comply with those specific dimensions. This is difficult and has to be exact, which is why the pros at LDA Drywall® do it for you!

Free Consultation

Projects have a wide scope with specific details that you can only communicate over the phone or in email; reach out to us today to see how our services are a perfect match for what you need!